Boxen golovkin

boxen golovkin

Alle Infos und Videos zum Box-Weltmeister Gennady Golovkin. Mexikos Superstar Saul „Canelo“ Alvarez (, 34 K.o.) prophezeit, dass Weltmeister Gennady Golovkin (, 34 K.o.) in ihrem mit Spannung erwarteten. Aug. Am September stehen sich der Mexikaner Saul „Canelo“ Alvarez und der Kasache Gennady Golovkin zum zweiten Mal im Ring.

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Gennady Golovkin gegen David Lemieux: Australian Open Ministerpräsident Abe lobt Osaka: Runde 1 Schon in Runde 1 deckt K. Weniger als sechs Wochen vor dem Spektakel ist die Halle fast ausverkauft. Er setzt auf den "Abrahammer" und tippt auf klare Ergebnisse. Munguia retains belt in wide decision over Inoue 6d Steve Kim. Retrieved February 17, Sharif Boxen golovkin IRI You have to give him credit, because he had a good handle on the situation and it em island frankreich an honor to meet him in the ring. The fight was officially announced in October Golovkin was given 4 more relatively easy bouts in is in complete contrast referring to Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweatherasserted Henderson, to the middleweight boxing showdown in Las Vegas tonight. At the same time, Loeffler was working closely with Frank Warren to match Saunders with Golovkin for the end of August. Most consecutive world title defenses motogp pedrosa knockout 17 10 September — present. I am still the champion. Father Time comes at some point, and eight years older than the Mexican, it could be a factor in this fight. Power again and body shot from GGG in the dying seconds. As his record suggests - 33 KOs from 37 victories - Golovkin is a ruthless, uncompromising, destructive puncher, whose attacks are set up behind a ramrod push jab, stalking opponents casino-lichtspiele pushing them against the ropes. Der Kasache war aber auch enttäuscht, weil er sich als Sieger gesehen hatte. Golowkin kassierte in seinem Schöpf und Stambouli fallen länger aus ran. Alles andere als ein K. Er setzt auf den "Abrahammer" und tippt auf klare Ergebnisse. Wenig überraschend sieht Alvarez das anders. Für Golovkin war das Unentschieden der erste seiner 39 Profi-Kämpfe, den er boxen golovkin gewinnen konnte. Das könnte Sie auch interessieren. Mehr zum Interwetten casino bonus Boxen. Jetzt kämpfen sie 888 casino withdrawal awaiting process gegeneinander. Folgerichtig sind auch beide Boxer einer dritten Auflage gegenüber nicht abgeneigt. Geisenberger zum vierten Mal Weltmeisterin ran. Die zweite Runde in voller Länge. Runde 11 in voller Länge. Mega-Fight gegen Wilder erst ? Alvarez sicherte sich auch den vakanten Titel des "Ring Magazine". Kommentare Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, wir bitten um Verständnis, dass es im Unterschied zu vielen anderen Artikeln auf unserem Portal unter diesem Artikel keine Kommentarfunktion gibt. Runde 8 und K. Die Nacht der Champions. Beide deckten sich mit knallharten Schlägen ein, von denen sie jeweils mehr als ins Ziel brachten. Runde 1 Schon in Runde 1 deckt K. Runde 11 und KO ran Boxen: Runde 7 Das war's dann für Adama. Golovkin kann seinen Kampfstil nicht ändern. Ihr Kommentar zum Thema. Mal nacheinander erfolgreich verteidigt. Alles andere als ein K. Mal verteidigt - häufiger als jeder andere Mittelgewichtler in der Box-Geschichte. Vacant Title next held by Jermall Charlo. What it lacked, however, under the gun any consistency from the judges, who ruled the fight a split draw. Ice Palace "Terminal", KievUkraine. Matvey Korobov RUS And again, it cash4life spielen an opportunity. Rufat Riskiyev URS Then Canelo takes over the round, lefts to the body and GGG falling short casino uttag his punches. Nevada Commission confirm Canelo investigation". He landed a right uppercut 777 casino francais by a body shot. A tendency, at times, to tire in the later rounds; willingness to take punches to golden nugget casino gold vending machine his own. Maybe he is feeling the power of the champion? It is time for less drama and more fighting," [] [] [] On April 5, ESPN reported that Mexican boxer, Jaime Munguia24 KOsa 21 year old untested prospect who previously fought at welterweight and light middleweight was going to step in and fight Golovkin. Right now, I think everyone is wolfsburg gladbach for September.

I put pressure on him every round. Look, I still have all the belts. I am still the champion. Then I was building from there.

I think I won eight rounds. I felt that I won the fight. I won at least seven or eight rounds. I was able to counterpunch and made Gennady wobble at least three times.

I feel frustrated over my draw. The replay, which took place a week later on HBO averaged ,, peaking at , viewers. Guaranteed Base Purses [32].

The controversial outcome prompted near-immediate discussions over the possibility of a rematch. We are hopeful this matter will be resolved and we are hoping Canelo will be cleared so we can reschedule the fight for August or September.

As suspensions are retroactive from the date that the first positive test was collected February 17, , the suspension ends August 17, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved September 17, Archived from the original on Golovkin is Sold Out! GGG fight results, scorecard, highlights: Alvarez, Golovkin box to a draw".

Fight ends in disputed draw". Canelo-Golovkin Fight Produced 1. Retrieved September 24, Retrieved October 3, Retrieved November 7, Retrieved November 15, Retrieved December 20, Retrieved January 30, Retrieved February 25, Retrieved February 23, The two great boxers stuck to their guns and their game plans.

Neither men was down, neither man backed down, both had their moments. Now they will most likely have to deliver again. Second time around, it will suit Canelo.

A s brilliant as Golovkin was, there are signs of Father Time coming. And this will have taken something out of the year-old Kazakh.

But the decision should have gone to Golovkin over Canelo, by almost universal opinion. Golovkin kept his belts but it was a poor set of scores: It clearly was not.

They will be calling for Byrd to be jettisoned. It means that the judge scored 10 rounds to Canelo and two to Golovkin. T he close scores are more forgivable, but Golovkin won the contest.

The Telegraph had him winning in rounds, or at worst There were one or two rounds which were hard to score, or close even, but all that will happen now is these two great fighters will go at it again.

My focus is on the belts and I am still the champion. I put pressure on every round - thanks to the people that support me. In the first rounds, I came out to see what he had then I was building from there.

I think I won 8 rounds. I felt that I won the fight. Yes of course obviously yes if the people want it yes. I always said I was going to be a step ahead of him.

We knew going in it would be a war, Canelo was very resilient. Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. How this judge can be allowed to continue is beyond me.

At the end we had a great fight! Did they bring these judges over from Australia? Nevada State Athletic Commission must look at it pic.

Last year, executives at Top Rank protested over the appointment of her for the Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Some judges can have good nights and can have bad nights.

But when she has bad nights, she seems to be too far away from the score. Bob defended her left and right. Read here for more reaction to her scoring tonight.

S ome details as the dust settles and we wait the press conference here in the arena A delaide Byrd scored it Safe to say, social media disagrees.

Even at its best moment, boxing can never help itself. How much proof do we need that Adelaide Byrd is a terrible, terrible judge?

Welp, I was wrong. Everyone was upset, not just a few people on either side. That card should get Adelaide Byrd banned for life.

A weird, skewed set of scores just cast a pall over a brilliant fight, played out at breakneck speed between two great fighters with very high boxing IQ, heart, chins, stamina and desire.

GGG keeps his belts but that was a terrible set of scores for the fight. It means she scored 10 rounds to Canelo and two to GGG.

The close scores are more forgivable, but GGG won that contest. I had him winning in rounds, or at worst There were one or two rounds which were hard to score, or close even, but all that will happen now is that we will see these two great fighters go at it again.

Scoring just ruined this CaneloGGG fight. I had it to GGG. C lands right uppercut. Big assault now from Canelo. Two big rights fired back again by Golovkin.

Golovkin rushing to tie up. They throw everything in the final 20 seconds and both men fling both arms into the air I have Golovkin by a few rounds.

T rading big rights and jabs, the action is unrelenting. Canelo sticking to his left-circling, countering, GGG inching forward punctuating his right hands with the jab.

This could be controversial if it goes the distance Uppercuts and body punches. Golovkin soaks it up and comes back. This is almost unreal.

Arena is lit up with excitement. Then another assault by Canelo. This is a brilliant all action fight by two very, very elite boxers with incredible chins, stamina and heart.

L ooks like Canelo was told by the corner to go out and fight. They exchange huge blows and hooks in a neutral corner. Then a big right from Canelo.

Golovkin just walks through it. A flying left uppercut from Canelo. Golovkin still pouring on the pressure. Closer round but still GGG. A nother strong round for GGG.

Stalking his prey as Canelo fires back with the odd combination but spends most of the time defending and moving. Huge uppercut from Canelo.

No reaction from GGG. Acts like it never happened. Power again and body shot from GGG in the dying seconds. But the Mexican moving and just keeping the Kazakh off while being stalked.

Maybe he is feeling the power of the champion? Good uppercut though from Canelo, eventually. But all volume in these three minutes was from GGG.

Golovkin is taking over the fight by dictating the pace of the action with Canelo circling. C needs to change pattern.

Gets GGG in headlock and back hands him. GGG looks so dangerous W hat a round. Canelo on the ropes making GGG miss, but not firing back with counters.

Only does so when they get centre ring again. Canelo launching left and they trade uppercuts. Huge right from GGG.

Canelo just shakes his head. They go to war. Canelo throws four power shots and they just trade.

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